Introducing Starlink: The Internet Connection That Beams Right From Space!


How will STARLINK benefit me and my family/businesses/community organization/etc.?

There are plenty of uses for the Starlink Internet. You can use it while traveling, strapped on top of your RV in the middle of a camping site or in the middle of nowhere you can use it as a back up ISP when the power goes out and when you’re off grid. The most popular use you’ll are those rural areas of the United States and all over the world. Where it is very difficult to get high-speed Internet connection at a reasonable price.

How can I get a a STARLINK satellite if I’m interested in learning more?

The easiest thing to do here is simply go ahead and purchase a satellite system for yourself. I have personally purchased one and have been using for a few months, and though it is not my primary ISP connection, it is set up as a redundant back up for the time being until the newer satellites into orbit.

Who is leading the development of STARLINK, and what are their backgrounds and qualifications for this important work?

This is an interesting question because – – as this is all derived from the mind of Elon Musk. The technology of SpaceX and the teams of copious amounts of engineers; that he has between the two companies and Tesla. He utilized the old trunk and branch model of creating complementary services and business based off of technology that already exist between his various ventures (Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, Boring Company, Now twitter). Just like the benefits of SpaceX Starlink is a derivative service that stems from amongst other things government contracts. Everybody in the world is now or will be soon can be connected to a high-speed Internet connection.

What challenges has STARLINK faced, and how have they overcome them?

This is a great question as I’ve been now using it for a few months and I can already see a few problems. I stated previously some of the issue is there are a lot of people who would actually want to use a service, and just like any of the other ISPs, either cable, Internet, or DSL, the more people on the network that use it tends to bog down the main connection into your neighborhood; this works in a similar fashion where satellites that are in space, and Geo synchronized to earth can get overwhelmed with the amount of pings. Now they are a lot of customers who use more that others which add to the congestion on the network. But paying $110 a month you expect to not have limited issues.

When will we see the first phase of STARLINK go live, and what will be included at that time?

Starlink has been available for a few years now; which started off in beta. I was one of those people who signed up after the beta as I was moving to a location that did not have access to a decent internet hardline to the neighborhood.